How to Make a Low Calorie Meal Plan Work for You

A research by the World Health Organization (WHO) on obesity and overweight that was presented in 2016 highlights that 1.9 billion people of age 18 and above weighed more than they should. From the same data, 650 million adults and over 41 million children of pre-school age were reported to be obese. What this means is that there is an…

4 Ways Holistic Medicine has Improved Traditional Health

A report by the National Center for Health Statistics released in 2016 highlights that U.S. citizens spend over $30 billion per year on alternative medicine. Out of that amount, $14.7 billion1 goes to holistic medicine, which includes using acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, Ayurveda, chelation therapy, energy healing, and others. That is to say, holistic health is rapidly gaining attention in the…

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