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is popcorn high in oxalates oxalate

Is popcorn high in oxalates? Homemade or Packaged Popcorns? (A quick review)

Popcorns are a great option for snacks. However, here comes two important questions you may need to know their answers relating to popcorn and oxalate concentration. First: is popcorn high in oxalates? Second, should you opt for homemade popcorns or packaged ones? Well, popcorns are not a major food for an everyday living (at least to most of us). However,…


Is Arugula High in Oxalate – are its supplements safe?

Is arugula high in oxalate? we’ll be direct, simple and clear on this so read on…. But first, what is arugula to be précise? In scientific definition, arugula is a vegetable, a type of Brassicaceae that falls in the same family with cauliflower and kale. Most people especially in French use arugula as a green salad. The edible annual plant…

is kale high in oxalate oxalate

Is Kale High in Oxalate?

Is kale high in oxalate? What is its position in the oxalate acid chart. According to research, kale is currently considered to be top-one in the list of Americas healthiest vegetables. In precise, kale is said to originate from the cruciferous vegetable family.  Now back to our question, “is kale high in oxalate?” Based on recent findings the answer is…

oxalate in coffee oxalate

Oxalate in Coffee and Kidney Stones: Do you Need to Worry?

Is coffee high in oxalates? The amount of oxalate in coffee is becoming a major concern among coffee lovers who’ve been seen to have oxalate sensitivity issues, and are looking to ensure their oxalate levels is in check. If you are among those of us who take a cup of coffee after another throughout the day to get things done,…

Is ginger high in oxalate oxalate

Is Ginger High In Oxalate?

Question number one: Is ginger high in oxalate? Well, considering the many powerful health benefits attached to this plant, as an oxalate nutritionist, I wish to give the most precise answer to the question. And a good place to start is getting to understand this ginger a bit deeper. First, the plant originated from China, and it’s a flowering plant…

is oatmeal high in oxalates? oxalate

Is Oatmeal High in Oxalates Like Other Processed Grains?

Like we’d expect with most other cereal foods, is oatmeal high in oxalates? We will confirm this in a moment — below. But basically, most nutritious foods contain more oxalates. And since your body REALLY needs certain nutrients to stay healthy, the way to lower oxalate content in foods is using an oxalate reducing enzyme in your meals. Personally I…

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