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oxalate dumping symptoms oxalate

Oxalate Dumping Symptoms – How Long do they Last?

Oxalate dumping is not a daily phrase even in healthcare set up. However, it is not a new phrase either for people with oxalate sensitivity, and one of the places you will hear the oxalate dumping being bandied about quite often is in oxalate support groups. In precise, oxalate dumping often comes when you stop eating certain foods. That is,…

oxalate muscle pain oxalate

Oxalate Muscle Pain & Remedy

What is oxalate muscle pain? This is a type of pain that mostly affects muscle tissues like in the biceps, triceps, deltoid, quadriceps, tibialis anterior and pectoralis (or chest muscle). The pain often results from an accumulation of oxalate crystals in these tissues. People suffering from this kind of pain may link it to arthritis or gout or vulvodynia but…

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